From 1st of January 2014 the museum has been incorporated under the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava which is directly managed organization of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport.

From 26th of February it is registered in the central Register of museums and galleries in the Slovak Republic.

PhDr. Viktor Jasaň, then a director of the museum, was the author of libretto and screeplay of the original permanent exhibition which was later complemented by prof. PhDr. Štefan Vaško, CSc. from the Faculty of Education of Comenius University in Bratislava. Academic painter Róbert Haček and Ing. Eduard Balla together created art and architectural design work. 

Almost 200 m2 of the premises of Museum of special education in Levoča consist of a permanent exhibition which is originally dedicated to the History of special education in Slovakia from the earliest times to the present. This exhibition has been installed in 1989. 

The particular rooms of the original exhibition opened until 31st of December 2015 offered:

Statistical summary of the first facilities for disabled people in Slovakia (entrance hall), 

The history of disabled people from the earliest times to 1918 (2nd room), 

Overview of institutes, schools and facilities for visually impaired people (3rd room),

The history of institutions and special schools for deaf, physically and mentally disabled (4th room). 

Unfortunately, in terms of content, language and graphics it absolutely did not meet the needs of the modern visitor.

Therefore in mid-2014 we started, with the consent of the founder, Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava, its modernization divided into several stages – preparation of architectural design, approval process by Regional monuments board and the city of Levoča. These stages were followed by interior construction works, manufacture and installation of interior elements, selection and professional processing of collection objects – exhibits intended for new exposure.

The museum was closed to the public throughout the year 2015 to April 2017.

The main thing of the museum’s specialness and uniquess is that it maps history of special education as a whole, particularly the four basic parts – visual, auditory, physical and mental handicaps. Nowadays it is a specialized museum with nationwide coverage, comprehensive documentation in the field of special education and education of children with health handicaps.  It specializes in collating, protecting, professional recovery, management, use and disclosure of material evidence of the history of special education and the physically disadvantaged.

Museum of special education in Levoča realizes its mission through activities:

  • Collection-setting,
  • Documenting-registration and protective,
  • Cultural presentation,
  • Educational and counseling.

Museum of special education in Levoča has:

  • Modern interactive permanent exhibition,
  • The depositary,
  • Archive of documentary materials,
  • Exhibition premises,
  • Screening room.