This room consists of four separate islands, oversize 3D model of human ear and eye, interactive whiteboard and retractable three-dimesnional cubes. 

On these particular islands there are located rare historical and current teaching aids for pupils with mental, visual, and hearing handicaps and autism. The visitors can practice Braille using the replica of the braille letters table and they can find several objects enriching exhibition tour in the wooden doors marked by a pictogram of a hand. The significant elements of this part of the exhibition are undoubtedly the 3D models of the human eye and ear with detachable parts that serve to better understand the functioning and disorders of these vital organs.

The three-dimensional retractable cubes evoke the world of the disabled and the barriers which they are daily faced with. This room also offers educational programs for pupils with hearing handicaps by the means of an interactive whiteboard, oversize table game “Man, don’t get annoyed!” where the visitors are the game pieces and much more.