An oversized cube is the dominant feature of the largest and at the same time the last room of the permanent exhibition. The circumference of the oversized cube is focused on four human senses (touch, sight, hearing, and smell, only the sense of taste is not included). Visitors can verify their senses by answering simple quiz questions and performing tasks.

Inside the cube, there is a simulated dark space which represents a household for blind people. Visitors can only rely on their sense of touch and hearing to explore the space. There is a model of a kitchen unit and everyday objects that are commonly used.

The room is divided into two sections. On the right side, visitors can learn about various historical compensatory teaching aids, games, and relief maps that have been used to assist blind people. On the left side, there are compensatory teaching aids for people who are deaf.

This part of the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to write a text in Braille on a Prague slate using a stylus. They can also learn about the functioning of a cochlear implant through an enlarged functional model and much more.

Múzeum špeciálneho školstva v Levoči - Stála expozícia-ľudské zmysly reliéfne mapy pre nevidiacich.
Stála expozícia múzea špeciálneho školstva, priestor venovaný ľudským zmyslom. Štvrté podlažie múzea.
Múzeum špeciálneho školstva, stála expozícia, ľudské zmysly, nadrozmerná kocka na skúšanie ľudských zmyslov.