The oversize cube is a dominant of the largest and also the last room of the permanent exhibition. The circuit of the oversize cube is focused on four human senses (touch, sight, hearing and sense of smell). The visitor can verify them via some simple quiz questions.

There is a simulated dark space inside the cube – household for the blind, which can by recognized by the visitor thanks to touching and hearing.

There is also a model of the kitchen unit and every day objects used by the blind.

The room is divided into two sections. In the right side, the visitor is offered to explore various compensation teaching aids, games and relief maps for the blind. In the left side there are exhibited compensation teaching aids for the deaf. 

This part of the exhibition offers the visitors with a chance of writing a text in Braille on the Prague slate with stylus or understanding the function of cochlear implant by the means of oversize operational model and much more.