After a comprehensive renovation and reinstallation of the permanent exhibition in April 2017, Museum offers attractive and practically designed premises, the chance to try replicas of rare exhibits and knowledge on the needs and life of the disadvantaged individuals and all of these on four floors.

The new exhibition has been bulit in a way so that the visitors could feel comfortable, explore the exhibits using multiple senses and learn in an interesting way about the issues and history of physical handicaps.

A lecturer, who will answer all of your questions, will accompany you during the entire tour. There are also two relaxation areas in the museum where you can sit and in case of interest watch a documentary film focusing on the special education and health disadvantages.

In case of interest, the group tours (more than 10 persons) shall be pre-booked. This procedure will avoid possible inconvenience. Pre-booked groups will be given priority.

The permanent exhibition is divided into four separate units:

  • History

  • Library and study room

  • Teaching aids

  • Human senses


Library and study room

Múzeum špeciálneho školstva v Levoči - Stála expozícia-knižnica a študovňa písací stôl

Teaching aids

Human senses