The museum offers visitors practically designed rooms after a comprehensive reinstallation and reconstruction of the permanent exhibition. The reconstruction took place in April 2017. The visitors can try replicas of rare exhibits; to get to know the needs and lives of people with disabilities. The museum has four floors.

The new exhibition was built in such a way that visitors feel comfortable during the tour. They get to know the exhibits on display using several human senses and learn about the issue and history of people with health disabilities in an unforced, interesting way.

A guide accompanies visitors throughout the tour of the museum. There are also two relaxing zones in the museum; visitors can sit there during the tour. If they are interested, they can watch a documentary film focusing on special education and disabilities.

If you are interested in a group tour, book it in advance. It will prevent possible inconveniences. Pre-ordered groups are preferred.

The permanent exhibition is divided into four units: