A special-pedagogical library and a study room are on the second floor of the building. It is used mainly by students of special and healing pedagogy. All the books in the library are library use only. It means that it is possible to use individual publications from the historical and contemporary library collection only in the museum, with a valid library card.

The great importance was the creation of a study room. Researchers or students can study professional literature, newspapers, magazines, calendars, and publications in Braille in the study room. There is an opportunity to choose from more than 4 thousand book titles.

There is information for all the visitors about the oldest European institutes. These institutes were for people with disabilities. There is also information about the founders of these institutes on the wall. Visitors can notice relief portraits of these personalities on the wall along the entire length of the room. Visitors who are blind can touch them.

Šlabikár pre nevidiacich žiakov.
Múzeum špeciálneho školstva v Levoči - Stála expozícia-knižnica a študovňa písací stôl
Múzeum špeciálneho školstva, priestory knižnice a študovne.