The special-educational library and study room are premises for archiving more than 4000 titles of professional literature, fiction, newspapers, magazines, calendars, and publications in Braille. The literary works by Viliam Gaňo, Vladimír Predmerský, and other personalities of special education in Slovakia dominate in the library fund of the museum.

All the books in the library are library use only. It means, studying particular historical and contemporary publications is allowed only in the premises of the study room with a valid library card.

The user of the library and information services is obliged to observe Library lending rules of the museum and the instructions of the museum staff.

Access to the library is possible after the user´s registration and requesting a password. After that, the password is sent to a user´s e-mail. The password is valid for 24 hours.

The library collection consists of:

Primary fund

  • Special pedagogics literature and fiction from the field of special pedagogy,

  • newspapers, magazines, calendars concerning special educational issues,

  • publications in Braille,

  • electronic documents in the following formats – word, txt, pdf.

Secondary fund

  • Documentation materials (special education teachers’ manuscripts, historical documents of the special schools and institutes).

The entire library fund is gradually digitized and available in the digital library (online).