Museums have long been used not only for the archiving of exhibits; they open their gates to the general public, too. They represent not only the history but increasingly also the present or even the future.

The Museum of Special Education in Levoča is open to anyone who wants to learn about special education, and the upbringing and education of the blind, deaf, mentally, or physically disabled. This issue is extensive, involving many health disabilities or learning disabilities. Because of that, we decided to prepare experiential-educational programs that always focus on only one specific disability.

Experiential-educational programs:

  • Braille, as we don’t know it – about blindness
  • Let’s cross the barrier of silence – about deafness
  • Let us understand the world of silence and darkness – about deafblindness
  • Why don’t we hear and see, eye and ear?
  • Human senses
  • History of special education in Slovakia

The programs are primarily intended for school groups.

We offer pupils and students a lot of information related to the given issue within one hour. They also get the opportunity to try out special teaching aids and participate in experiential activities.

The programs are so variable that we can literally “tailor” them to any visitor who speaks Slovak. The experiential-educational programs are nowadays available only in the Slovak language.