The entry room of the museum, which is on the first floor, is dedicated to the history of the oldest institutes and special schools in Slovakia. Specifically, these were institutes and schools for the blind, deaf, and pupils with mental and physical disabilities. There is information about the institutes and special schools in the drawers. They are under the exhibits of the High Tatras and Spiš Castle.

There are also rare teaching aids for people who are blind from the workshop of Viliam Hrabovec. These teaching aids were used by students of the school for the blind until the 80s of the 20th century. There is an information board for a non-disabled visitor, which includes information about the current exhibition and floor plans of the individual floors of the museum. A visitor who is blind can touch these floor plans right at the entrance on the sidewall. These are 2D relief floor plans with descriptions.

The descriptions of individual collection items are available in Slovak, English, and Braille. A visitor who is deaf has the opportunity to ask for a pre-recorded video in sign language.

Vstupná miestnosť venovaná histórií špeciálneho školstva.
Medený glóbus vyrobený Viliamom Hrabovcom pre nevidiacich žiakov.
Spišský hrad vyrobený zo sadry.