The museum’s entrance room, located on the first floor, showcases the history of Slovakia’s oldest institutes and special schools catering to the blind, deaf, and students with mental and physical disabilities. Visitors can find information about these schools in the drawers located under the exhibits of the High Tatras and Spiš Castle.

The room also features rare teaching aids for the blind from Viliam Hrabovec’s workshop, which were used by students until the 1980s. Non-disabled visitors can refer to an information board that includes details about the current exhibition and floor plans of the museum’s different levels. Meanwhile, blind visitors can touch the 2D relief floor plans with descriptions, located on the sidewall at the entrance.

Individual collection items are described in Slovak, English, and Braille. For deaf visitors, pre-recorded videos in sign language are available upon request.

Vstupná miestnosť venovaná histórií špeciálneho školstva.
Medený glóbus vyrobený Viliamom Hrabovcom pre nevidiacich žiakov.
Spišský hrad vyrobený zo sadry.