The entry section of the exhibition, the first floor, is dedicated to the history of the oldest institutions and special schools in Slovakia. In particular the institutions and schools for the blind, deaf, mentally and physically disadvantaged pupils. These information can be found in the drawers beneath the exhibit of High Tatras and Spis castle.

You can find here some rare teaching aids for the blind from authors studio of Viliam Hrabovec, which were used by pupils of the oldest school for the blind until the 80s of the 20th century. Healthy visitor can find an information panel reading the information on the current exhibiton and floor plans of the exhibition in order to maintain better orientation. Blind visitor can touch and feel these floor plans right at the museum entrance on the side wall by means of 2D floor plans with description.

There are exposure descriptions of collection objects in all the premises of the exhibition. These descriptions are in Slovak, English and Braille. Deaf visitor has the opportunity to ask for a guid in sign language.