Schools for the physically impaired in Bratislava

United School, 3, Mokrohájska Street, covers more administrative units that provide education for children, pupils and students with physical impairment:

Kindergarten for the Physically Impaired Children

Elementary School for the Physically Impaired Pupils

School Club

Secondary Grammar School for the Physically Impaired Students, established in 1970

Academy of Commerce (a two-year and a four-year study programme, extension classification study), founded in 1992

200 children, pupils and students attend the school in the school year 2016/17.

One of the important institutions in Bratislava from 1964 is Institute for Occupational Rehabilitation of the Disabled People (IOR).

Managers since 1964: Milan Koleň, Eduard Žiak, Oľga Krížová, Alexander Škopek and Dušan Piršel

Since 1981 Secondary Vocational School for the Physically Impaired Students with the following study programmes has been the administrative unit of the IOR:

secondary vocational education – a three-year study programme: technical-administrative worker, mechanic repairman – machinery and equipment, electrical mechanic – high-voltage current machinery, goldsmith and jeweller, bookbinder

complete secondary vocational education with a school leaving exam – a four-year study programme: cosmetician, computer network mechanic

two-year extension study: technical-economic worker, craft work, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering

a two-year extension after school leaving exam study: public administration

In cooperation with other parts the IOR and Secondary Vocational School provide except of specialized vocational education also complex therapeutic rehabilitation – educational, medical, curative, social, psychological and rehabilitative.

In the school year 2016/17 the school is attended by 150 students.

Manager – Jana Chromíková,

Apprentice School, Dúbravská Road, Bratislava, provides vocational training in these study programmes:

confectionary production (confectioner)

textile production – craft work (craft production)

construction production – paintwork (painter)

agricultural production – gardening: florist, gardener, orchardman

agricultural production – vegetable production and animal husbandry (breeder)

care in social care institutions (care giver)

commerce – food preparation work (cook)

commerce – preparation, storage and selling of the goods (shop assistent)

services and domestic science (chambermade)

polygraphic production – bookbindary and box production (bookbinder)

pedicure – manicure

The training consists of theoretical and practical education, in all study programmes it takes three years and finishes by obtaining the certificate of appretinceship and the induction certificate. 172 students attend the school in the school year 2016/17.