School rumors Decree no. 85 by Commission of Education, Arts and Sciences dated January 12, 1950, no. 62 409/49-II /1 on curriculum and school curricula for youth requiring special care
Release year: 1950, Vol. VI.

Comenius – magazine for teachers of 1st to 5th year of primary nine-year school
Release year: 1966-67, Vol. 91, p. 224-226
The author: Jaroslava Grünová – Current problems of special physical education
Publisher: Ministry of Education in the State Pedagogical Publishing House in Prague
Print: Grafia 02 in Brno

Primer for the associated school, part I.
Release Year: 1929
Composed: Vlasta Novotná
Approved by the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment on 5th of October 1929, 82.723-I-27.
Print: State Publishing House in Prague
Price: 15 Kčs (Czechoslovak crown)