Eureka A4

Author: Milan Hudeček, a Brno man who lives in Australia

Producer: Robotron company, Melbourne, Australia

Weight: cca 1,5 kg

Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 3,5 cm

RAM: 64 kB

Donor: Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired in Levoča

Eureka A4 – special 8-bit personal speaking computer for the blind. A Czech and Slovak versions of Eureka were created in 1991-1992. In 1996 Eureka A4 was replaced by a dimensionally smaller Aria.

A built-in 3,5 floppy disk drive was used for data storage. The information was obtained via synthetic voice to a loudspeaker or to a set of headphones.

Eureka A4 was operated by 20 buttons: 7 buttons of Braille keyboard, 8 functional, 4 cursor keyboard buttons and a Shift keyboard button.