Three dimensional ear model

Architectural design: Mgr. art. Matus Vacula, application specialist of the 3D modeling and MD. Marian Zelina, expert guarantor for 3D animation in health care

Production: 5S, Ltd., Bratislava

Year: 2016

Auricle dimensions: 1500 x 1200 x 400 cm

Auditory meatus dimensions: 1000 x 350 x 500 cm

Material: Styrodur, PU – foam boards, laminate coated with Dulux rapidry; steel stand coated – black comaxit

The techniques used: grinding, sealing, CNC milling, coating

3D model of the ear was made on the basis of architectural design of Matus Vacula and Marian Zelina during the re-installation of the permanent exhibition of the museum.

The model includes in addition to the auricle and auditory meatus also the most important parts of the ear: ear drum, malleus, anvil and stirrup, cochlea, auditory nerve and the three semicircular canals.