Gejza Slaninka

Gejza Slaninka (February 25, 1911 – March 2, 1985) was a leading Slovak pedagogue for deaf pupils – pedagogue and expert in the education of children with hearing impairments or impaired communication skills.

Gejza Slaninka dedicated his entire professional life to caring for the deaf – first (in the years 1930 – 1934), he devoted himself to them at the Institute for the Deaf in Košice and later in Dubnica nad Váhom. He began working at the State Institute for the Deaf in Bratislava in February 1934. His pedagogical activities here were disrupted by war events, as a result of which he ended up in a concentration camp in Germany. He returned to the Institute for Deaf in Bratislava after his release from the camp and the liberation of former Czechoslovakia. In 1945, he became its director.

The institute was in a desolate state, so the teaching took place in Kochanovce until 1946. And so the young, agile Gejza Slaninka began to build a new school with great enthusiasm. He thus contributed to the construction of a modern Primary Boarding School for the Hearing Impaired in Bratislava on Hrdličková Street and he became its first director. He was its director for 32 years; until he retired in 1977.

Logo základnej školy internátnej pre sluchovo postihnutých na Hrdličkovej ulici v Bratislave.

A modern, special school was built thanks to Slaninka’s enthusiasm. The school consisted of a kindergarten and primary school (named after its founder as Primary Boarding School for Hearing Impaired of Gejza Slaninka), dormitory, gym, traffic playground, children’s and sports playground, tennis courts, and indoor pool.

Budova Základnej školy pre žiakov so sluchovým postihnutím Gejza Slaninku internátna.

In addition to his pedagogical activities, Gejza Slaninka published in several professional special-pedagogical periodicals. He also organized many seminars, conferences, and international symposia, at which he also lectured. Until 1958 he was a member of the examination commission for obtaining special-pedagogical qualifications of teachers of special schools in Slovakia.

He is also the holder of rare honors: Meritorious Teacher, Bratislava City Award, and For Outstanding Work.

Prvý ústav pre hluchonemých v Bratislave, rok 1833.
Informácie v anglickom jazyku o Prvom ústave pre hluchonemých v Bratislave.

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