He was fascinated by the smell of wood and also the world of modern visual creation, ending perhaps somewhere in the third dimension. It is also the authentic creation of Mário Furčák, an artist with hearing impairment. He is about to be introduced in the Museum of Special Education in Levoča.

Plagát podujatia Premeny dreva

Mário Furčák studied graphics and experimental production at the Technical University of Košice. He is currently an established artist who is not hindered by hearing impairment in his artwork creation. He has his own specific “signature.” It will be possible to get to know Mário Furčák at the exhibition called WOOD METAMORPHOSES.

“The exhibition is a cross-section of his existing artwork. The artist presents a sample of color digital photographs from the series Night isolation and Imarinary Night. They are created by the principle of luminography – capturing images through a longer exposure time from light sources. The contrast of strong colors and light supports the theme of fiction, dreams, and reality in the presented photographs. Ordinary objects are colored with colored lights. Their illuminated outlines preserve the charm and tension of the original still life, “ explains Štefánia Petreková, head of the Museum of Special Education in Levoča.

Light also dominates the graphic cycle Despotism. Here, Furčák “looks” at the issue of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes through fluorescent light. As the artist’s teacher, Rudolf Sikora, a prominent Slovak artist and pedagogue, notes, Furčák presents the graphics in a scenic way and places them in a dark room, thus creating the impression for the viewer as if he were watching the artworks on the LCD screen.

Furčák transfers the soul of tourists, hunters, and nature lovers to his artistic woodcuts. Mário is actively involved in woodcarving; he often spontaneously creates these artworks. How the walnut or linden wood changes under his hands will be presented in the exhibition WOOD METAMORPHOSES.

“The metamorphosis of wood is a personal therapy for me. I am looking for dreams and a desire to understand human life. It was thanks to this work that I began to look at things and the world around me through the fragrant linden and chisel,” concludes Furčák authentically.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 9, 2019, at 16:00 at the Museum of Special Education in Levoča. The exposition will be open to the public until August 30, 2019.