Autistic children can also be creative and unique.

The topic of autism is often associated with adjectives rather than a special approach, one´s world, etc. But why not pay attention to the uniqueness of children with this diagnosis and their creative world. The exhibition at the Museum of Special Education in Levoča brings this more positive side closer.

Even autistic children can be gifted. The exhibition of artistic works by two talented autistic boys only confirms this. The Museum of Special Education in Levoča prepared this exhibition in cooperation with the Spojená škola Jána Vojtaššáka in Levoča and the Spojená škola sv. Maximiliána Maria Kolbe in Spisska Nova Ves. The opening is symbolically timed, on April 2, 2019 – World Autism Awareness Day.

“The added value for visitors is that they learn interesting information about autism. They can look at several publications devoted to this issue or watch the documentary film ´So Far, So Close´,” adds Michaela Tomčofčíková, the curator of the exhibition.

And what are Denis Holotňák and Daniel Klešč like, two skilled artists presenting at the exhibition? Like every child, everyone is interested in something different. “Denis, who has been drawing since he was a child, loves to create houses, cities, castles, simply buildings in general,” says Vladimíra Tatarková, a special pedagogue and Denis’ class teacher. His class teacher, Ivana Leskovjanská, also revealed something about Daniel: “In addition to drawing, Daniel plays keyboards and drums. He is interested in various natural phenomena. He prefers to draw machines, fantastic creatures, and animals.”

The Museum of Special Education doesn´t deal with the issue of autism for the first time. It has, for example, already brought a glimpse into the autistic class in the form of an exhibition. Teaching and compensatory aids used daily were introduced to visitors. The topic of the relationship between autism and music therapy was also interesting.

“The current exhibition creates a space for professional discussion during the last week of April: We prepared a professional seminar in the museum called Autism in a Cube connected with the exhibition. Special pedagogues, Vladimíra Tatarková and Janka Repaská (Erghotherapy/Occupational therapy) approach the issue of autism from a theoretical and practical point of view. They present their approach to kindergarten teachers and students of the Secondary Vocational School of Pedagogy,” says Tomčofčíková.

The exhibition of Autism at the Museum of Special Education in Levoča begins with a vernissage on April 2, 2019, at 16:00. It lasts until May 3, 2019. As mentioned in the museum, the exhibition will show that even autistic children can be creative and unique.