Special primary school, address: Frana Krala 3, Levoca

On August 18, 1948 the Commission of education issued establishing document no. 80 224/48 – II/5 for State special school in Levoca with effect from 1September 1948. Teaching started on 23 November 1948 in two successive classes. The commission created two job places – the headmaster and the literary professional teacher. The first situation of the school was in High boys school located on the S. Klubert street (currently Primary school of S. Klubert). There were three rooms on the ground floor available – two classrooms and one cabinet.

In the first school year the school educated 32 students – 18 boys and 14 girls.

According to decree no. A-179 116-II by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Sciences from 30. 9. 1948, the school was renamed to Special school in Levoca (according to Law of the comprehensive school no. 95/1948 Coll.). The school moved several times until 1960 when it was assigned to a residential house, separate villa on the Frana Krala street where it resides today.

The first headmistress of the school was Elena Junyova-Ertekesova and the first teacher Terezia Harsani.

Since 1997 the school bears the name Special elementary school in Levoca.

The other directors were: Stefan Macak, Ivan Vrana, Maria Cirbusova, Viera Pitorakova and Iveta Pechyova.

Currently, the school is attended by pupils with special educational needs. They are educated by the school educational program for students with mild degrees of mental disability ISCED 1 – primary education, according to the curriculum for SPS variant A, variant B.

As part of the school curriculum they use dotation of the optional subjects in order to reinforce the subjects (the repetition and consolidation of the curriculum) in educational areas: language and communication, nature and society, mathematics and work with information. The subjects named Individual speech therapy care, Music therapy and Reading and writing game are educated from 1st to 3rd grade.

The English language is taught in a playful way from 5th to 9th grade.

The school is fully organized and includes 9 grades and 10 classes including the preparatory year. Students are placed in two buildings. Classes are held in two shifts.
In school year 2016/17 the school educates 78 mentally disadvantaged students.