Special training schools prepared graduates of special schools for practical professions – tailor, basket-maker, manufacturer of brushes, painter, bricklayer, carpenter, gardener, helper in agriculture or kitchen. The oldest special training schools in Slovakia were established in the following cities: Spisský Stiavnik (1951), Bratislava (1966), Trnava (1967), Liptovsky Jan (1976), Ladce (1976), Michalovce (1976), Stara Lubovna (1979), Snina (1982), Valaska (1986), Benadikova (1989) and others.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education of the SSR from 1. 9. 1978 no. 10476/1978 were cancelled training schools for youth requiring special care and from 1. 9. 1978 there were set up training schools under the Act no. 63/1978 Coll.

Special training school, Spissky Stiavnik

Training school in Spissky Stiavnik (today’s OUI Poprad) has its origins in educational workshops for graduates of Special school in Spisska Nova Ves which were established in 1947 by the Association of medical treatment located in Trencin and played the role of training schools. This creates the basis for the history of training schools in Slovakia, which is associated with the name of its founder Frantisek Valencik. In the first training branch, gardener, there was educated 52 apprentices since January 1948.

Based on the decision of the Deputy of Education and Culture in Bratislava in 1951 the educational workshops came under state education authorities with a new name Special youth home in Spisska Nova Ves. It included a Special training school on Huntianska cesta St. Just this year is considered the founding year of the training school. The first director was Frantisek Valencik. The school was later moved on the Hviezdoslavova ulica St. and from there in 1954 to the mansion in Spissky Stiavnik. It was right there where for the first time were held the final apprenticeship exams where 11 trainees received a certificate of apprenticeship in the fields gardener and farmer. At the initiative of the Research Institute of Education in Bratislava, on 12. 6. 1968, there were for the first time held entry exams for students, who came from the special schools and departments of social security. Until then, students were allocated by the rules of Detention orphanage in Kosice.

In school year 1971/72, the girls were admitted for the first time as gardeners.

In school year 1977/78 there was added new training branch of Construction works focusing on masonry works, in 1993/94 – services and housework and in 2000/2001 it was building production focusing on painting. Later more:    

food production with a focus on food preparation,

woodworking focusing on the production of utility and art objects,

sweets production,

textile production with a focus on the production of carpets and tapestries,

agricultural machinery repairman.

By school year 2007/08 the school disposed of the first allocated classes on Srobarova ulica St. 20 in Poprad. The whole training school moved there from Spissky Stiavnik and merged with the original Poprad’s training school.   The school provides training for the performance of less demanding work activities for students with special educational needs. The school is located in the current premises, on Srobarova ulica St. 20, from 1July 2012.

At present, the training schools have an important place in the system of education of the Slovak Republic regarding education of mentally handicapped individuals, graduates of special primary schools and united schools. Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic adopted the Decree 232/2016 (hereinafter as “Decree”), which amended decree of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic no. 322/2008 Coll. on special schools. The aim of the adopted Decree is to harmonize its text with the current effective version of the law no. 245/2008 Coll. on education and training and on amendment of certain acts as amended, updating the system of training branches and focuses of the training branches in training schools.