United School, 13, Vojenská Street, Košice

In 1925 the first special classroom for ten children was founded in Košice and since then it has undorgone several changes either of titles or seats.

The most important change came in the school year 1993/94 thanks to Education Office – Košice I. and its resolution. The school had been moved to a renewed and adjusted area of a former kindergarten into Vojenská Street No 13 in Košice. The renewed building and area were the inspiration for new ideas for education of mentally impaired pupils. An experienced stuff under the leadership of Daniela Onderková, MA, the headteacher, elaborated a new project on education of mentally impaired pupils with the focus on a new content in education of these children, on the revival of educational work and also on the teacher – parent cooperation. Parents could be engaged in the educational process.

On 1 September 1998 the school took part in an experimental verification of education of pupils with Autism. The first classroom for pupils with Autism was founded.

In the school year 2000/01 the school title had been changed to Special Elementary School. 

Iveta Baková has started as a headteacher since 1 July 2002 and gone on by the spirit of the school traditions.

On 1 September 2009 the title of the school has changed to United School, 13, Vojenská Street, Košice with the two administrative units:

Special elementary school with the two allocated classrooms at 19, Komenského Street in Košice and Practical school

At present the United School contains these administrative units:

Special Elementary School,

Practical School (since 2009),

Elementary School for Pupils with Autism (since 2010),

Kindergarten for Children with Autism (since 2015), with the two allocated workplaces. The first one is at Elementary School for Pupils with Autism, 1, Charkovská Street, Košice, the second one is at Special Elementary School, 19, Komenského Street, Košice.

Pedagogues of the school provide individual education to children in the orphanage in Hurbanova Street in Košice and in the prison in Floriánska Street in Košice.