Copper globe

Author: Viliam Hrabovec, typhlo-pedagogue of the Czechoslovak State institute for the blind in Levoča

The year of production: 1926-1927

Dimensions: height 140 cm including metal stand, diameter of the globe = 250 cm

Materials: copper and metal

Donor: Blind Museum in Levoča

Latest user: Primary Boarding School for the Blind in Levoča

The construction time of Hrabovec’s globe is remarkable (made by method of bashing). It took him precisely two years 1926-1927 and with the assistance of the blind inmates.

Hrabovec displayed on the globe continents marked with roman letters and Braille, seas and oceans, the equator but also the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. In the middle, at the equator, he placed a table containing name: Globe, by V. Hrabovec, Teacher of the blind, 1927.

Copper Globe was one of the first relief teaching aids that Hrabovec made for the blind. Preserved, unfortunately, are only the map of North and South America, Asia, map of Czechoslovakia, contour plan of the city of Levoča and its surroundings and a plastic map of Mariánska Hora hill situated near the city of Levoča.

The reinstalled exhibition of the museum contains original relief maps of the North and South America from the first half of the 20th century.

You can find more about Viliam Hrabovec, exceptionally gifted man and special education teacher, in the oversized book.