Personal documents of Vladimír Predmerský from 1927 – 1991

Precious personal documents of her late father – doc. Vladimír Predmerský – were given to the museum by his youngest daughter, MD. Nadežda Blahutová who lives in Bratislava.

From the reporting ticket for married from 25 September 1929, we learn that V. Predmerský, born on 19. 2. 1902 in Lubina, district Nove Mesto nad Váhom, at that time married to Margita Ábelová had in that year two children: daughter Darinka (1926) and son Miloslav (1928). The reporting ticket announced also V. Predmersky’s job (state teacher), citizenship, address of the last apartment (Hamry – State School) and where the ticket was issued.

The statement about his study at the Slovak University in Bratislava, school year 1949/50, documenting V. Predmersky’s study at the Faculty of Education in the field of study of the 2nd grade schools and schools for youth requiring special care. V. Predmerský graduated in school year 1951/52.

The second Statement of distance learning at the University of Education in Bratislava in school year 1954/55 documents the course of study in the field of study (Pedagogy-Psychology). V. Predmerský graduated with honors in 1959.