Types of low intelligence, special print of the report of the III. Czech Congress on care and education of weak-minded in Mor. Ostrava in 1913
Release Year: 1914
Author: Karel Herfort
Print: Book printer of Joseph Kolanda in Prague VIII – Liben

In the footsteps of Amerling, special print of the “Deviant youth” magazine
Release year: 1936, no. 10, Vol. XII.
Author: Josef Zeman
Print: Book printer V. Palásek and Fr. Kraus, Prague I.-159.

Doc. PhDr. Vladimír Predmerský, CSc. – Major figure of the special education in Slovakia
Release year: 2014
Authors: Miloš Predmerský, Rudolf Srnánek, Jozef Baláž, Elena Rubaninská, Oľga Hrabovská
ISBN 978-80-8079-200-8
Published by: Eko-konzult, Bratislava
Print: Arimer, Bratislava

Schools for youth requiring special care, organizational guidelines
Year: 1961, First Edition
Author: Vladimír Predmerský
Published by: Slovak Academic Publishing House in Bratislava