Hieronymus Lorm

His real name was Heinrich Landesmann and he was born in Mikulov in Moravia and died in Brno.

Based on his sudden hearing loss when he was 15 and on the gradual deterioration of sight he became the creator of one of the systems of hand touch alphabet for deaf-blind called Lorm alphabet used even today in several European countries.
As a redundant poet he had to leave Vienna in 1847 and immigrated to Berlin, where he worked as a journalist and contributor to political magazines. After the revolution in 1848, he returned to Vienna and got married. Later he lived in Dresden. At the end of his life, in 1892, he returned to Brno, where he lived until his death.

Lorm is the author of extensive work with the storylines that take place in the Arab area. He wrote several dramas, literary critic and political articles. He was best known as a lyrical poet. His poems and prose are marked by a special pessimism.