Rudolf Jedlička

Rudolf Jedlička was born in Lysa nad Labem and died in Novy Svet as a result of X-ray radiation. He was a Czech doctor and maecenas.

In 1892 he graduated from the Czech Medical Faculty in Prague and habilitated from pathology and surgical treatment of diseases. He is the founder of the independent Czech Radiology as well as medical rehabilitation. He has been promoting the diagnostics and treatment by means of X-rays in the treatment of tumors. Jedlička was the first Czech doctor who favored and used beams in diagnosis prior to surgery.

In the early 20th century in Bohemia there was founded the “Association for the treatment and education of the cripples.” The aim of the association was the establishment of institution that will provide the disabled children with work and an overlap of treatment, education, acquisition of general knowledge and professional practical training. The Institute should have been wheelchair accessible. The club’s chairman became Dr. Jedlička who opened the institute on April 1, 1913. Jedlička Institute in Prague’s Vyšehrad works and bears his name even today.