Braille´n Speak

Producer: Blazie engineering, the USA

The year of production: the mid 90s of the 20th century

Weight: 450 g

Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 3 cm

RAM: 640 kB – 2 MB, Braille´n Speak as well as Eureka operated on DOS commands, but Latin 2 codes

Donor: Slovak Blind and Low Vision Union in Bratislava

Blazie, an American company, launched a computer for the visually impaired into the Slovak market in the mid 90s of the 20th century. A small device of a little exercise book format, with an output in Braille allowed to take notes and it was  equipped with calendar, diary and clock, too. A 9-volt battery provided more than 10 hours of constant work at full capacity.

A notetaker was operated by 7 keybuttons for typing in Braille. There were outputs in synthesized speech, in Braille or in standard print according to a sort of connection  or printer. A portable disk drive was a part of it. This type of computers supported only txt format.