Dynamic headphones type S-3

Producer: Mechanika – producer cooperative Teplice, centre 053 Terezín, Tyršova 211

The year of production: 1967

Technical parameters: impedance 8 Ohm, input 50mW, frequency range 100-8000 Hz, weight 175 g

Donor: Elementary Boarding School for the Hearing Impaired, Kremnica

Dynamic headphones type S-3 were used especially for an active education at schools due to their design and technical parameters. It was possible to use them for listening to television, radio and others low-frequency signals.

The construction of the headphones allowed binaural listening, it meant to transmit a signal with frequency over 100Hz.   

When putting the headphones on it was necessary to hold the speakers and so adjust the headband. The speakers had to be hold to avoid turning of the shells.