Perkins Brailler

Author: David Abraham, Howe Press, the USA

The year of production of the first brailler: 1941 

Dimensions: 38 x 22 x 17 cm

Donor: Blind Museum in Levoča

A prototype of braille typewriter Perkins Brailler was made as early as in 1941. Serial production started in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century thanks to the financial support of a foundation in New York and Boston. The author of the prototype was David Abraham, an English immigrant, who later became a head engineer of Howe Press. 

The diference between Picht’s braille typewriter and Perkins Brailler is in moving of the roller with a paper in the Picht’s braille typewriters whereas the roller with a paper is static and an embossing head moves in the Perkins Braillers.

The import of these braillers to Slovakia started in the early 90s of the 20th century.