Renaissance Town Hall in Levoča

3-dimensional model of an interactive tactile exhibition Life by touches – Let’s discover life of the blind

Author: Matúš Vacula, Levoča

The year of production: 2013

Scale: 1:100

Material: PVC, zinc, sandpaper

Technique: CNC milling

Renaissance town hall dating from the 15th century is one of the landmarks on Master Paul’s square in Levoča. Originally Gothic building was rebuilt into Renaissance style in the 17th century.

On the south frontage in the right corner there is a part of original mural painting still preserved. Later on other mural paintings were placed on the frontage among the windows on the upper floor. These paintings represent symbols of citizen virtues:  moderation, caution, valiance, patience and justice.

The town hall is connected to the Renaissance belfry tower built in 1656-1661.

At present an exhibition of Slovak National Museum – Spiš’s Museum in Levoča is placed in the town hall. 

In front of the town hall there is a historical cage of shame dated from 1600. A pillory served in the past for delinquents introduction even for locking girls and women into it who broke strict rules of that time.