The sense of hearing

The sense of hearing is the ability to perceive sounds that is common for all vertebrates which have a special sensory organ, the ear.

Hearing mechanism

Sound waves go through the ear canal towards the eardrum. It starts to vibrate and transmits vibrations through malleus, incus and stapes into the cochlea where auditory receptors react to the vibrations and the captured sound information is transmitted through the auditory nerve to the brain for the next processing.

Human hearing

A man can hear sound frequencies from 20 to 20,000 hertz. Some young peole are able to hear a sound frequency slightly over 20 kHz, on the contrary hearing deteriorates with increasing age. Common human voice frequency ranges from about 200 to 800 Hz. Also the ability to distinguish timbre, it means single tones, is individual. This ability is called musical ear. It is estimated that one in ten thousand people has a perfect pitch, so he can discriminate imperceptible changes in tones.