The sense of touch

Is one of the five senses and it is located in the skin. There are clusters of sensory cells responding to changes in touch, pressure, cold, warm and pain. Feeling touch and pressure makes complete touch perception.

The function of the sense of touch:

Contrary to the other senses which are always centralized into one bodily organ – ears, eyes, nose or mouth – organs for perceiving touch are located in the whole body. Whereas the other senses response only to one type of stimulus, the sense of touch reacts to both temperature and pain. We can understand the sense of touch as the complex of several senses. Some of them have special receptors and nerve endings in skin, muscles and in the other places. These ones respond to numbers of stimuli and send signals to the brain.

Due to the sense of touch we can feel a taction or a jolt, without seeing a thing we can assess the shape of the object and its weight. We can find if something is hard, soft, hot, cold or if it causes pain. From all the senses the sense of touch is the well equipped for understanding and cognition of the outside world.