Mental impairment

Mental impairment is not a disease, it is a permanent condition caused by irremovable deficiency or brain damage. This is reflected in an overall appearance, in a face,  eyes, a posture, a movement and behaviour.

From 1992 mental retardation, according to the classification of the World Health Organization is devided into the six basic levels:

mild mental retardation IQ 50 – 69

moderate mental retardation IQ 35 – 49

severe mental retardation IQ 20 – 34

profound mental retardation IQ < 20

other mental retardation

unspecified mental retardation.

Psychopedagogy or pedagogy for the mentally impaired is a branch of special pedagogy that deals with development, education and teaching the mentally impaired children, youth and adults.

Viliam Gaňo, Vladimír Predmerský and Gabriel Rehuš were the pioneers of psychopedagogues  in Slovakia.