Register of attendance and success of the third class of the state institute for deaf and dumb children education in Dubnica, school year 1924/1925

The State institute for deaf mutes was relocated to Dubnica nad Vahom in 1921 from Bratislava. Teaching took place in the premises of the castle (1630) which did not provide adequate space and accommodation facilities. This institute was moved to Presov in 1942.

The third class of the State institute for the education of deaf mute children consisted of 10 pupils in the school year 1924/1925 (7 girls and 3 boys). Julius Valentovic was their class teacher.

List of names of students:

Bajcikova Katarina

Brachtirova Maria

Fancovicova Sida

Habaj August

Hazuchova Maria

Konecna Anna

Martinovicova Aneska

Sokolikova Olga

Zacek Stefan

Janecek Frantisek

The class book except for personal data of each of the students ( name, date and place of birth name, occupation and residence of the father or the mother, name and address of breadwinner) contains classifications of the students in the first and the second half of the school year, statement of school attendance, information on the degree, means or cause of the deafness and information on the competence of articulation. Furthermore the class book includes weekly records of subjects and taught teaching materials of the particular subjects, e.g. speech, P.E., maths or so.