Registers of attendance and success of the state institute for deaf and dumb children education in Kremnica, school year 1923/1924

The Institute in Kremnica was established on the 1st of October 1903 with the official name State supported institute for the education of deaf-mute children. Students were not accommodated in dormitories but at the homes of various families. The teaching langugage was until February 1919 Hungarian, the student could attend the school for 10 years and his parents did not pay tuition fee. The school still operates and since 2003 bears the name Primary boarding school for hearing impaired of Viliam Gana in Kremnica.

The collection of class books consists of 17 class books from school year of 1923/1924 with the total number of 243 students.

List of classrooms and number of students:

Preparatory class – 36 students (19 girls and 17 boys)

class  – 10 students (5 girls and 5 boys)

II. class  (A,B) – 41 students (22 girls and  19 boys)

III. class  (A,B,C) – 38 students (9 girls and  29 boys)

IV. class  (A,B,C,D) – 47 students (22 girls and  25 boys)

V. class  (A,B) – 21 students (12 girls and  9 boys)

VI. class  – 11 students (6 girls and  5 boys)

VIII. class  – 10 students (4 girls and  6 boys)

and II. department of tradesman school – 29 students (15 girls and  14 boys)

List of class teachers:

Preparatory class – Julius Kevesztes-Kvizicko

class  – Jomafixerova

II. class  (A,B) – Jan Dolezal; Rimsky

III. class  (A,B,C) – Julius Teplicky; Arnost Jehmangmeiery, Juraj Mynar

IV. class  (A,B,C,D) – Oskar Ivanovicky, Andrej Valent, Alzbeta Emberovay, Irena Galikova, Julius Kevesztes-Kvizicko

V. class  (A,B) – Ludmila Kolesova, Margita Fixehove

VI. class  – Ludovit Braxatoris

VIII. class  – K. Kotrc

and II. department of tradesman school – Juraj Mynar, S. Sobolovsky (headmaster of the school)